Comparison with a Leading Textbook

See the differences between Jonas and Kovner’s Health Care Delivery in the United States and Delivering Health Care in the United States.

Jonas & Kovner’s Health Care Delivery in the United States

Editors: James R. Knickman, PhD and Anthony R. Kovner, PhD

Published by: Springer Publishing Company

Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach

Authors: Leiyu Shi and Douglas A. Singh

Published by: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Edition 11th Edition 6th Edition
Authors/Editors 2 Editors; 27 Contributing Authors, Experts in their Fields 2 Expert Authors
Publication Date April 2015 August 2014
Page Count 400 pgs 650 pgs
Keyword Lists

(at beginning of chapter)

(at end of chapter)

Learning Objectives
Discussion/Review Questions
References and Additional Resources
Coverage of the ACA

(woven throughout, plus supplemental e-chapter available free of charge)

(woven throughout)

A Visual Overview of Health Care Delivery in the U.S. in Charts
Chapter Outlines with Topic Summaries
Case Studies
General Approach Policy Focus – detail on the US health care system is presented as the basis for analyzing evolving policy and future improvements to the system System Focus – discussion of each component of the health care system, and its historical evolution; policy discussion is secondary to this focus
Organization 4 parts, 16 chapters:

  • Part I: Health Policy
  • Part II: Keeping Americans Healthy
  • Part III: Medical Care: Treating Americans’ Medical Problems
  • Part IV: Futures
5 parts, 14 chapters:

  • Section I: System Foundations
  • Section II: System Resources
  • Section III: System Processes
  • Section IV: System Outcomes
  • Section V: System Outlook
Design & Layout Efficient use of text, tables, and art to present information; logical and visually pleasing use of tables and charts that facilitates comprehension and quick reference; innovative use of banner heads within text to highlight key narrative points. Clean 2-column presentation, with lots of white space and visuals; chapter contents broken down into sections with clear headlines; keywords highlighted in bold, italic blue font; each chapter begins with a cartoon.
Supplementary/Ancillary Materials Instructor’s guide, PowerPoint slides, syllabus, test bank, image bank, and highlights guide detailing new and updated content in the 11th edition eBook and online resources for students and instructors including interactive flashcards, interactive glossary, and practice questions available with access code (access code included with purchase of Enhanced 6th Edition, or available for purchase separately)
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